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they say three is a magic number. and that just might be true in the case of tromostovje.

but there weren’t always three.

the central of the three bridges has stood in its place since 1842, when it replaced an old, medieval wooden bridge.
the side bridges, intended for pedestrians, were added later by the famous slovenian architect jože plečnik in the 1930s, giving ‘tromostvje’ a unique appearance it prides itself on today.

luckily, in his day the side pedestrian bridges were needed, whereas today the entire area is car-free, making all three of them completely pedestrian friendly.

staying true to his signature style, plečnik furnished all the three bridges with massive stone balustrades and lamps. from each of the side bridges, two stairways lead to terraces situated just above the river, where poplar trees were planted as if they were growing from the river.