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emmi can be found on the first floor of a historic building, situated in the city center, just next to the main square, on the river bank in the old town of ljubljana.

not only are all the main sights in its direct proximity, but many of them (the franciscan church /frančiškanska cerkev/, the preseren square /prešernov trg/, the star park /park zvezda/ and the river ljubljanica) can be seen from the flat.

the building is located on a little square of its own, ljubljana’s smallest square. its name - ribji trg /fish square/ reffers to the fish market which was held at this place in the past.
nowadays the only fish smell one could encounter would be the aroma coming from any of the lovely nearby restaurants.

most of the city center is car-free, so the whole area is pedestrian friendly. there are always plenty of pedestrians strolling by due to the number of inviting cafés and restaurants in its surroundings.