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since the building is located directly on cankar embankment, a view of ljubljanica river cannot be missed. and what a lovely view it is!

archaeologists believe that ljubljanica once had a cult status. the river has yielded thousands of celtic coins, roman luxuries and medieval swords /all from a shallow 19 kilometers stretch/ proving its importance in the past as a major trade and supply route from roman times to the mid- 19th century.

today, you are welcome to take part in ljubljana’s vibrant social life in any of its many lively cafés, densely scattered on the lovely old city centre’s river embankments.
ljubljanica can also be enjoyed on a the tree-lined riverside walk, including the well known weeping willow-lined terraced walk by the trnovski pristan embankment.

for a different perspective join a boat cruise along the river or hire a canoe and paddle under its famous bridges /cobbler’s, triple, butcher’s, dragon’s bridge/ in the summer.